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Buckle Up, Birth to Belt specializes in car and booster seat education and installation services in York Region.

Jodie Coulson is a certified and insured Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor and has performed hundreds of installs, with a wide variety of car and car seat combinations to build a broad technical and practical knowledge base. She is committed to ensuring her knowledge of current testing and safety matters is up to date and actively seeks out answers from industry experts when needed.

Currently offering installation education services out of Baby In Gear in Aurora, Jodie helps parents and caregivers ensure their child’s car seat or booster is properly installed, and more importantly, equips them with the knowledge and comfort to use and install the seat properly moving forward.

A car seat used correctly:
*Fits in your car properly when installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions;
*Fits the child given the specifications of the device, facing the correct direction, at the proper angle for the weight of the child and with all the appropriate adjustments to straps, padding, etc.; and
*Is installed properly ensuring the child is secured properly, tethers and straps are tight enough, the seat integrity has not been compromised and no unauthorized accessories are used (including toys, blankets between the child and the car seat, etc.).


2 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Elana

    Hi there,

    I booked an appointment to have a car seat installed in my car- I am curious as to why I need to participate in the session and why is participation required? I just want my seat installed and that’s all.


    • Hi Elana,

      The reason for involving the parent(s) is so they are able to use the seat independently going forward.
      I noticed in your appointment booking that you have a Peg Perego infant seat and it’s actually a perfect example of why it’s best for the parent to be able to install without help. The Peg Perego 4/35 seat has a weight based recline that needs to be adjusted as the child grows and I may not always be available to help do that.
      Parental participation really helps with making sure the child will be safely restrained going forward.


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