Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest: Review and Giveaway


I was very excited to be given the opportunity to review the Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest, I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival in Canada. The Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest is a great solution for slumpy sleepers, perfect for the road trips that summer brings.


Ready for anything a road trip will bring!

As we have all seen, driving a long distance with tired passengers creates less than ideal seating situations. To be properly protected by their vehicle seat belt passengers, adults or children, need to be seated correctly. The Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest eliminates the need to lean out of position, looking for any side pillar or window in an attempt to have a place to rest your head while relaxing on the road. 


The Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest allows for comfortable sleeping on the go for booster and seat belt passengers.

With the multiple adjustment options the product can comfortably be used by various sizes and ages. Due to the width of the headrest it may not be able to be fully extended downward for larger preteen or adult riders, due to shoulder width, even still there is still ample support for sleeping as seen below with my 12-year-old tester in a truck with minimally adjustable head restraints. 

Cardiff 1_edited-1

Here the headrest is shown in one of its adjustable positions, allowing it to fit well in a variety of vehicles with many sizes of users.

Installation was very simple and all required tools are included. In order for this product to be used, the vehicle must have a head restraint that has an adjustable height as the Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest attaches to the posts of the vehicle head restraint. In one instance the headrest was not able to be installed in a test vehicle due to the diameter of the vehicle head restraint support post, however I feel this will be an uncommon issue.

When not in use the headrest can be rotated out of the way and is easily brought down into sleeping position once needed. The fabric cover can be removed and cleaned, which is great for those drool inducing car naps.

This product is for use by either a child in a backless belt positioning booster, a child who is large enough to ride safely in an adult seat belt, or an adult. This product is not for use in conjunction with a harnessed seat or high-backed belt positioning booster. This product does not aid in proper belt fit and is not intended to replace a high-backed belt positioning booster for a young child. As with any aftermarket or unregulated product, the use of the Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest is a parental decision.

I’m pleased to announce that ISSI has provided three sets of Cardiff Booster Seat Headrests to give away to Canadian residents. The reviewed product was given to me by ISSI, no other compensation was given.

*Contest Closed* Congratulations to our winners Wendy Ann, Lindsay, and Kandice!

The Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest is new to Canada and can be purchased at Babies R Us using this link:


20 thoughts on “Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest: Review and Giveaway

  1. Natalie D

    I’d love to try this out with my floppy 9yo on our next Ottawa to Toronto trip. Thanks for the helpful review and awesome giveaway!


  2. Catherine

    It’s inevitable that there will be late night road trips to/from Sudbury. I’m probably the worst car sleeper ever and would love this.


  3. stacey

    I love to sleep in the car but I am horrible at it– I can see some arguments over who gets to use this! Thanks for the giveaway!


  4. Laura Hagen

    This would be perfect for my 9 year old this summer on our weekly long road trips. Late nights in a backless booster are tough.


  5. Alainna S

    This would be fantastic for me! When my husband insists on doing all of the driving on our tent trailer adventures, it’s nice to catch up on sleep along with the kids.


  6. Lindsay

    We’re planning several long-ish drives and I need one of these for me! I also fall asleep in the car and end up leaning against the window. 😦


  7. Lindsay

    Roadtrip to the beach for sure! Although i live five minutes from one beach, the best beach is about four hours away! And i always fall asleep! (Totally want this for myself!)


  8. Kristin B

    i’m taking a trip to southern Ontario with my family this summer. This would be amazing for myself when my hubby is driving!


  9. I’m a big car sleeper, I’d love this for myself for the many road trips I’m sure we’ll be doing this summer to bring the new baby to meet family and friends 🙂


  10. Janine C

    We will be doing an 18 hour drive (over 2 days) to go to a family reunion 🙂 My big girl does ok sleeping in the car, but this would be nice.


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