I want whichever car seat is safest. Which do you recommend?

As car seat techs, we hear this all the time. Bottom line is that car seats all are made to pass testing if installed and used correctly.

Used correctly means:

•The car seat fits in your car properly when installed according to the manufacturers instructions;
•The child fits into the car seat given the specifications of the device, facing the correct direction, at the proper angle for the weight of the child and with all the appropriate adjustments to straps, padding, etc.;
•The car seat is installed properly ensuring tethers and straps are tight enough, the seat integrity has not been compromised and that the child is secured properly.


I’ve been reading reviews and the [*] seat is very popular and supposed to be rated highly for safety.


My sister has offered me a car seat she used for her kids.

Can I just bring that and have you install it?

This is often the case, and we are happy to try to install your previously acquired car seat into your car for you. There may be occasions though where it is not advisable to do so. Examples of these include:

•Where the car seat is beyond its expiry date or looks to have been compromised in any way;
•Where the car seat will not fit properly into the car (e.g. base too long for the seat to have minimum required coverage);
•Where the child is not within the required age, weight or height requirement necessary to safely fit into the seat according to specifications.

It is always ideal to have a consultation before you purchase your car seat. Wherever possible, we may be able to test out a car seat in your car to make sure it will fit prior to your purchase. We have an inventory of test seats for this purpose. Most retailers will not accept returns on opened car seats for liability reasons. This is for your child’s safety and makes sense, but you will still want to make sure your seat fits in your specific car and gives everyone in the car the room they need before you spend money on it. You also want to know that the seat will last your family as long as possible to avoid any unnecessary purchases in future.

Buckle Up! Is able to take your specific family needs and offer you options that may save you money and, most importantly, keep your kids safe.


I’m pretty confident I’ve got it installed right. Why do I need your help?

The statistics are pretty alarming and Birth to Belt’s experience is consistent. Somewhere between 75-90% of car seats are not installed and used correctly.

Our primary concern is not just to install your seat for you, but to educate you on how to do it too. Goal for our sessions include:

•Knowing how and when to adjust seat straps, angles, padding as your child grows;
•Knowing how to identify when your child has outgrown their seat and ensuring you know the rationale behind it;
•Knowing what to do when you have to uninstall and reinstall the seat.

You may have it in right, and that’s ideal, but either way hopefully you leave our consultation feeling comfortable knowing how to use it properly now and in future.


I’m having a 3rd child soon and need to be able to fit all of my kids in one row of seating. I know the [*] seat is supposed to fit. Can you help me with the installation?

A common misconception is that there is one seat designed to fit 3 seats across in all cars, and unfortunately that’s just not the case. Many cars will not be able to accommodate car seats for the specific configurations and needs of your family That said- if there’s a way, we will help you find it, and won’t give up easily. Whenever possible, please come in for a consultation prior to purchasing a new seat so We can help you make an informed decision and avoid disappointment and stress . We’ll try to tailor a solution for you family and if possible plan in advance how your kids will progress through the car seat stages in future.


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